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Regenerative endodontics is one of the most exciting developments in dentistry today and endodontists are at the forefront of this cutting-edge research. Endodontists’ knowledge in the fields of pulp biology, dental trauma and tissue engineering can be applied to deliver biologically based regenerative endodontic treatment of necrotic immature permanent teeth resulting in continued root development, increased thickness in the dentinal walls and apical closure. These developments in regeneration have a promising impact on efforts to retain the natural dentition, the ultimate goal of endodontic treatment.


Regeneration is a new technique wherein rather than remove all of the pulp tissue, as in traditional root canal therapy, we only remove the inflamed tissue using the GentleWave® System and place materials in the tooth that help to stimulate healthy tissue to grow back in its place as well as continued root development. This not only maintains the tooth's vitality, but it leaves it stronger, since we are not removing tooth structure from the inside of the root. This treatment is usually done in one appointment with a few follow-up appointments to monitor the regeneration process.


Please ask if you may be a candidate for this conservative procedure.